Airbus Helicopters, n°1 global civil helicopter manufacturer

Airbus Helicopters, n°1 global civil helicopter manufacturer


Airbus Helicopters presentation

Airbus Helicopters is an Airbus company division, created in 1992 under the name Eurocopter, the first aircraft manufacturer worldwide with a production flow of 12 000 aircraft in 150 countries.

Airbus Helicopters head office is based in Marignane in PACA. to enable and ensure  its development a presence on a global scale. The company possesses several branches all over the world, for example  in the United states where American Eurocopter manufactures designs for the USA market, otherwise the UH-72A Lakota.


The headline helicopters of the manufacturer

The H125 model (previously AS-350-B2). 

Le H125 (previously under the name AS350 B2) is a single-engine light and versatile utility helicopter from the Ecureuil d’Airbus Helicopters.
The bestseller of the manufacturer, more than 5000 purchase orders until today.

It’s considered a reference in single-engine helicopters due to its performance and its Turbomeca Arriel 1D1, its low consumption and low maintenance, while excelling in elevated heights, hot and extreme environments. The AS350 B3 version holds the best world record for landing and take-off from the highest altitude, performed on Mount Everest at 8,850 meters.

The H160 model

The H160 Helicopter is the first H generation of the manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. A particular care was brought to the design of the engine in order to boost its performances in terms of the quietness, fuel saving and comfort.

Equipped with a fenestron, the faired back tail rotor invented by Eurocopter, inclined in 12 degrees to bring the best performances in hover, the fins “Biplane Stabilizer” at the back makes it easier to pilot at low speed.
France has placed a purchase order for H160 to strengthen its gendarmerie, delivery is scheduled for 2024.


The H175

The Airbus Helicopters H175 is a 7-ton class medium utility helicopter. In the market since 2015, Airbus H175 combines long range with smooth flight qualities. It takes customers to the next level in terms of comfort, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The strengths of H175 compared to its opponent resides in its high cruising speed (recommended 150 knots and fast at 160 knots). The hover out of ground effect (HOGE) with a 7.8 tons at maximum, takeoff weight at 5,800 ft in ISA+20°C conditions.

It offers its operators a grand flexibility of flight and more than 2000 kg fuel reservoir.


The H225 Super Puma

The H225 is a 11 tons class helicopter. Its rescue capacities and long range at all weathers, makes it the best choice for the government organizations system.

Its valuable range and payload reach makes the H225 helicopter the most cost effective helicopter for crew changes at sea over long distances.

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