Aviacs Low Cost Aviation Compliance Monitoring software

To stay compliant with ever-changing regulations, airlines and their crew can be aided by aviation compliance monitoring software.

Airlines use aviation compliance monitoring software to issue documents to crew members and ensure that all personnel have access to an appropriate version of necessary documents and keep up to date with airline regulations.

Airlines must efficiently manage a large number of critical documents. An effective document management system will allow them to gain greatly in efficiency.

Using an electronic document management solution will bring them many advantages compared to traditional paper solutions:

  • Better control over content and versions
  • Save time finding the desired document
  • More convenient and readable note taking and updates
  • Risk reduction

Electronic flight bag to efficiently manage documents

The term “Electronic Flight Bag” includes any portable electronic display equipment intended for the crew at the cockpit level or in the cabin. Electronic flight bags allow you to store and display a variety of aeronautical data or perform basic calculations for aircraft performance.

The aviacs software includes an Airline Training Management System

Airline Training Management System saves time and money over manual tools.

It simplifies your training operations with many functions: session planning, resource management, cost tracking and reporting, training archiving and training expiries management, document control, self upload.

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